Blog Eco Wine Trio: Eco-friendly PET Bottles offers the Eco Trio for $29.99, which features the 3 following Eco-friendly Wines: Fog Mountain 2006 Merlot, Louis Bernard 2007 Bonus Passus Côtes du Rhône and the Yellow Jersey 2007 Pinot Noir 2007. All three wines are bottled in PET bottles, which have 50% lower carbon footprint, lightweight, unbreakable and deliver the quality of glass bottles.

"Additionally, 10% of this product's retail price goes to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust where every penny is used to build renewable energy facilities in the United States. EarthEra also carbon balances the shipment of this product from the winery to you.

*PET is a lightweight and safe alternative to the traditional bottle, weighing 90% less and requiring less energy to produce, ship and recycle. PET is widely recycled into valuable new products like fleece jackets, carpet fibers or new bottles.
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