Vosges: Collection of Zion truffles

Vosges offers free shipping with all orders of $75 or more with use of code 2012FSH at checkout. Also checkout their new Collection of Zion, Rastafarian and Bob Marley inspired truffle sets. 

SEASONAL COLLECTION: Available only in late Fall/early Winter while supplies last. 

Jah Rastafari / A study of Rastafarian culture and the flowers, fruits and herbs of Jamaica… 
Around the 1930s, a religious and political movement arose in Jamaica in effort to reclaim African culture, identity and purpose. Pioneered and popularized by Bob Marley, the Rastafarian religion sought to increase self awareness and connection to Jah (God) through natural and positive means. Rastafarians are mostly vegetarian, live off the land and speak a language tailored for unique self-expression. Rastas spend their lives striving to reach the promised land of Zion, both a physical place and a state of being.

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