Theophilus London - "I Want You" mixtape

Download: Theophilus London - "I Want You" mixtape hosted by Va$htie

The Jeezy sampled Gucci anthem "Soles of Fire" (track 16) is by "Chauffeur," a onetime colab group that was made up of Theo, Mark Ronson and Sam Sparro. 

 "I WANT YOU is a collection of dark jams that restlessly examines the promise of love beyond lifestyle. Touching on LA electrofunk, UK indie, tropical escapade and obscure afropop you never knew existed, these are stories from the way we live now: missed connections and misunderstandings, video chats and retweets, returns and deliverables. We know today is all black everything but more to the point: this is now noir as we know it. And this is Theophilus London."