PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha

Kidrobot offers the plush PJ Berri and Sweety Bancha by Rodney Alan Greenblat for $29.95 each.

Designed by cult video game PaRappa the Rappa artist Rodney Alan Greenblat, PJ Berri is the hapless DJ of Club Fun.

This 13-inch plush features low shag fur, embroidered features, plastic buttons on its shoulders and hips, and jacquard ribbon on his left foot bearing his name.

Side note: the quality of this toy is incredible -- Kidrobot went all out and constructed PJ like a vintage Steiff plush toy, except not.

Here's video of my favorite level from the PlayStation game PaRappa the Rappa. "The Skunk over here comes with the truck + I have never sold everything, everything!"