Mishka x The Shaltzes - "The Juggalo" (Photo Exhibit + T-Shirts)

Mishka teamed up with The Shaltzes for an art gallery titled "The Juggalo" that will be happening later today at Mishka location in New York. Here is the Juggalo Tee in Black (pictured) that will be sale, along with a White colorway. 

We do tees for all of our art shows so I’m sure you guys saw this coming from a mile away, but here it is. The limited edition tee available for purchase at our opening party for The Shaltzes photo exhibit “The Juggalo.” I personally love that goddamn photo… it says so much and has so much going on without ever pummeling you in the face by being “Hey look JUGGALOS!!!!”

This dudes’ got a wicked J & Shaggy tattoo and “Juggalo” inked across his belly. A Hatchetman medallion and he’s clutching a pack of Newports and some Faygo in one hand. There’s a belligerent elegance to it all. The tee will be available on black and white tees and I gotta say, the photo print on this one is absolutely incredible. Some of our printers best work.

See you all tonight!

“The Juggalo” by The Shaltzes
Friday November 5th, 7pm-10pm


350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

J/M/Z to Marcy Ave
G to Broadway
L to Lorimer