Mike Posner on the cover of Real Detroit Weekly

@MikePosner was featured on the cover of Real Detroit weekly in the "Makin' Moves: The stories of 13 inspiring young Detroiters maneuvering their ways to victory" issue.

If you don't know him, you might peg Mike Posner as a cocky college kid turned hip-pop star in the making. If only it were that simple. You see, Mike's had one heck of a year. After recording his first mixtape, A Matter Of Time, in his Duke University dorm room and releasing it on iTunesU on March 1st, 2009, the 22-year-old Southfield-bred singer/songwriter/producer reached number one on iTunesU in just two months. He's since been on the radar of record label executives, rappers, DJs and college kids alike and he's yet to drop an official album. - Click here to read the rest