King Size Kozik Kombo Holiday Pack for $100 + free gift

Kidrobot offers the King Size Kozik Kombo Holiday Pack for $99.95 + a free gift. All the following Smorkin' Labbits and Mongers are designed by Frank Kozik. 

Put a little fire in your holidays with a slew of Frank Kozik's lovable Labbits and Smorkin' iconic art toys.

The King Size Kozik Kombo pack includes: 
- Smorkin' Mongers Menthols Series 2-Inch (blind box)
- Mongers Filter Kings Mini Series 2-Inch (blind box) 
- Mini Smorkin' Labbits (5-pack)
- Series 4 1.5-Inch (blind box) 
- XMas Wonderland Super Fun Pack 1.5-Inch (5-pack)
- Smorkin' Labbit 10-Inch Dark Green Edition 
- Big Monger Lorenzo 5-Inch 
- Rippers Zipper Pulls 1-Inch (blind box) 
- Happy Labbit Series 1 5-Inch (blind box)