Hood Internet x Mishka - "Trillwave" mixtape (Free Download)

Free Download: Mishka presents Trillwave mixtape by The Hood Internet (MegaUpload)

Trillwave is the newest mixtape from Chicago duo The Hood Internet. While their ongoing mixtape series has been built around genre-blending party starters, Trillwave is the soundtrack to the party after the afterparty or maybe to a sun-drenched backyard barbecue the next day. Drake sips iced tea with Beach House, Ice Cube cruises through South Central L.A. with CFCF riding shotgun, and Birdman and Lil Wayne share a blunt with Washed Out. If you’re still clueless to who The Hood internet are, these dudes make “The Best Mash-Ups This Side of the Web.” So go freshen up, download Trillwave, cop some Bacardi and get this party started.