Dr. Romanelli x Revive

Lupe Fiasco chose to collaborate with Dr. Romanelli and maharishi in the 2007 for his tour jackets while promoting his album, The Cool.

Dr. Romanelli’s latest work sees him create some sports-influenced work for Detroit retailer Revive. The collection was born out of a relationship between Romanelli and artist Mike Posner and his manager. Taking into account both the roots of Posner and his alma matter, Duke University, the result were pieces based on both some of the Motor City’s most influential athletes as well as the powerhouse NCAA school. The personalities making their way onto jackets and vests were Dennis Rodman, Grant Hill, Barry Sanders, Nicklas Lidstrom, Steve Yzerman, Bill Laimbeer and Lance Parrish. The aesthetics of the apparel created is trademark Dr. Romanelli with its deconstructionist techniques seen throughout each piece.