Diplo feat. Lil Jon - "U Dont Like Me" (Video)

Here's the video for the Diplo and Lil' Jon track U Dont Like Me by Taiwanese video production house, Next Media Animation. They're the same good people that made the Animated Sims-style Tiger Woods affair video you may have caught on the news. Bonus: We've included the Tiger Woods video just for you! (After the jump)

Diplo teams up with the king of crunk Lil Jon to drop the rap punk dubstep hybrid
track "U Don't Like Me"! Rumors of a collaboration between the two influential
producers have been circulating around the internet for well over a year, starting
with a few twitter posts and then following up with a youtube video of the two jamming
out this track in the studio. It's officially time to release this beast properly to
the world. Lil Jon starts the track off attacking the listener with his unmistakable
voice while Diplo perfectly compliments him with  that dirty dubstep wobble.