Deep Fried Memories feat. Jacky Jasper - "November 5th" album

 iTunes offers Deep Fried Memories feat. Jacky Jasper - November 5th album for $9.99. This is Jacky Jasper's Rock album named after the birthday of his friend, Ike Turner. Check out the Deep Fried Memories site and Jacky's site, Diary of a Hollywood Street King.

Deep Fried Memories featuring Jacky Jasper is living the Jimi Hendrix Experience, with its all white band surrounding Jacky. DFM is undoubtedly pushing the envelope with controversial tracks like "Die Nigga Die." The album as a whole gives a cinematic experience with its 13 songs, and several skits connecting the tracks - the material will definitely set the teenager apart from his or her parents, at the very least.

The starting point leading to the formation of DFM, ignited during the time Jacky spent with legendary blues artist, Ike Turner. Their friendship developed from the months of Ike mentoring Jacky in blues, and passing the to speak. Just before Ike's death,Jacky promised Ike that his next album would be a set of Rock N' Roll recordings. 

Keeping true to that promise, Jacky decided to take music back to where it all started - with a band. Jacky also included the programmer as a member of the band (since technology is now considered to be an instrument). DFM's lyrical content is Blues-inspired, but the music itself is like no other...Metal fused with Hip/Hop, Rock andBlues. Jacky chose to name the DFM album "November 5th" - a title that honors the Late Great Ike Turner, for it was the day he was born. The project proved to be an expensive one, but you can't put a price on good art.

Critics who've heard the album are pointing to Jacky one of the most creative rap artists to make the transition to rock. If you don't believe me, check out "Deep Fried Memories featuring Jacky Jasper" for yourself, and be the judge...