Burn One - "Past Out" mixtape (Free Download)

A mix of tracks Wizzle and BboyB recorded but never formally released from 07'-08' (Called 'Past Out' because these are songs from the past we are just now putting out, also we slept on this dope material). Along with a couple guest appearances from Seedy Rom and lets not forget MattG. Included in this mixtape is the very beginnings of Burn One Productions at its core. With the track 'Puff n Pass' the first ever recorded track from the duo. 'Introduxtionz' the original 1st and 2nd verses ever recorded from Wizzle late 06', that track was later recorded with Burn One Project on the Burn One album. 'Burn 1 Pros' the second recorded track out of the pair and it is actually only half of the song, the full version was never recorded. One of the BurnOutz favorite songs live was 'Skantlis Women' only performed in its entirety a few times, we usually cut two verses out for performances....Lucky for you the full length version is on this mixtape! ENJOY it and all the others...BRNONE with us get in the rotation and check out the local music, legalize freedom...BRNONE


(by the way that is us really passed out, not staged in any way haha) 

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