4word presents: Nastee - "Make Rume" remix feat. Malice, Statik Selektah & Bobby Konders (Video)

Make Rume Remix
Nastee,, Malice (Clipse) & Bobby Konders
Music by Statik Selektah

4word and Clipse combine to fight the evil forces of police & snitchez. With help from Bobby Konders (Hot97 NYC) and music by Statik Selektah they go hard on the infiltrators of goodness. Ain't nuthin' wrong with hustlin' to help get yourself and family out the ghetto but a bigger picture must be in sight for it to make sense. FIGHT THE POWER Y'ALL! A new day is dawning...... This episode also contains a trailer to 4word's next release "Stand The Rain" featuring Akrobatik & BURNTmd