SNL's D*ck in a Box: we provide the box, you provide the rest for $15 offers a product for the hit digital short by Saturday Night Live, "D*ck in the box" for $15. The box attaches to your belt and has 3 easy to follow steps. 1. Cut a hole in a box 2. Put your junk in that box 3. Make her open the box. This is a great deal on one of the craziest products we've seen.

The Lonely Island - "Incredibad" album (iTunes)
D*ck in a Box video (Hulu)
MotherLover (Hulu)

"D**k In a Box garnered an incredible 28 million views before NBC moved the clip to and The classic R&B spoof won a 2007 Emmy award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. The comedians have been honored by Wired Magazine for their contribution to the viral-video revolution"